September 29th, 2023



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In 2020, Sean Parker joined the Cloudmuscle team with the goal of helping Infintas learning with the Converse project. Infinitas Learning is a dynamic educational resources company, and one of Europe’s leading providers of innovative and engaging products and services for teaching and learning.

The aim of converse was to centralize all the commercial, fulfillment, and financing of Infinitas learning for the operating companies based in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Sweden. In order to accomplish our goals, Salesforce was primarily used as an order management system. Indeed, Salesforce is a key technology for Commercials as it is used to work alongside the eCommerce platforms and the trade partner integrations.

Under the leadership of Rogier Willems, Sean and the team worked very hard to customize Salesforce to process manual orders captured by users, order requests for orders from external systems, and order renewal for subscriptions. Orders are integrated into Netsuite for fulfillment and other ERP-related functions. Sean has been responsible to make sure that all order and pricing functionality meets the requirements set out by the business. Maintaining annual pricing and discounting as a custom feature enabled a much more dynamic use of Salesforce Pricebooks.

The project involved many complexities due to the business requirements. They were often pushing Salesforce to its limit in terms of how much could be processed in a single action. Chaining instructions independant process was a great solution. Breaking it down into smaller manageable processes really helped. Divide and conquer! Queueable methods were used extensively for this.

2021 was a new experience for me working under Covid regulations. In order to make sure that Sean and the team kept their focus, Rogier Willems led the team in the best use of DevOps. They would have daily stand-ups to manage their user stories. On top of the technical challenges, there were many cultural dynamics at play. The core of the Infinitas team is based in the Netherlands, the integration partners however came from Wales, Spain, Italy, and Hungary. As most people were communicating in their second language it brought with it challenges in ensuring the requirements were clearly understood. The dedication of everyone involved made sure that this happened.

Cloudmuscle and Infinitas have been working closely together since the start and due to the pleasant cooperation, we now have been able to add more members to the Infinitas team all working towards the same goal, accelerating Infinitas, making sure their business processes are scalable.

On the 1st of January 2022, we officially went live as they deployed all the functionality developed throughout 2021. The final go-ahead was given after a month of UAT testing in Belgium.

We are now in the process of ensuring all legacy data and backorders get loaded for the Belgium team as they start getting more comfortable with the new system. Next on the horizon is UAT for the Swedish team. After that, we move onto the Dutch team, and then we will officially be complete with Converse.

Sean has been working on Salesforce since 2008 and this project at Infinitas Learning made him realize even more that there is always something new to learn about a Salesforce Implementation.