September 29th, 2023



Our Salesforce Developer Ikalef Yildiz has proudly completed his project at Randstad! With a smile on his face he can look back at a fun time working there. Ikalef was a Lead Developer on the team working on the Randstad SF Org and the Yacht Portal to be more specific. The portal is fully custom built to the needs of Randstad.

Ikalef went through a period of personal growth he said in the conversation. In his opinion it is important to deliver the best possible solution that really works for the client. At Randstad Ikalef started out as a Developer and later moved in a Lead Development role, on-boarding a new Developer to the team and working on the Yacht Portal from May 2021 to April 2022.

One of the issues Ikalef worked on with the Randstad team was the connection with the Yacht portal. The data had to be updated based on Picklist values that were selected, preventing applicants from entering random data.

The team faced the issue of not being able to store object like values in the standard Salesforce picklists. They came up with a solution by creating a new custom metadata type to store the retrieved data from the portal. Adding a screen-flow that uses the custom metadata in order to show the pre-defined picklists. They then created a scheduled job which runs daily to check if any new portal values are added, if that was the case, the existing metadata was then updated with these new values to be available in the new screen-flow on the user side. Pretty nifty!

Are you curious to learn more from Ikalef? Feel free to connect with him!