September 29th, 2023



Cloudmuscle continues to grow, 2022 promises to be exceptional! During the month of March, the team welcomed 4 new members: Jo-Ash, Joan, Wendy and Marieke. Let’s meet them!

First, Jo-ash Govender will be working as a Marketing Cloud technical consultant. His goal is to align his values and abilities with Cloudmuscle’s: “I want to push my boundaries to create implementations that will move me and the company forward”. He will impress you with his motivation and determination.  In a few short months, he went from not knowing what Salesforce was to being 4X certified and an effective team member building customised Salesforce/Marketing Cloud solutions. Clearly, he is a great team-player who is ambitious and never afraid to push his own boundaries. As a self-reliant individual, he is confident in what he does and as his mentor Elon Musk says, “The first step is to establish that something is possible then probability will occur”.

Then, Joan MacDonald, as Senior Developer, will provide solutions to meet clients’ business needs and exceed their expectations. Hold on to your hats, it’s going to be a blast! She, too, shows a strong determination as she combined studying for her degree with a demanding job.

Always willing to learn and improve, she will also impress you with her reliability, honesty and friendliness.

In addition, Wendy Maharaj is the GLOBAL Talent Scout/Matchmaker/”Candidate Therapist” for Cloudmuscle. She is hoping to “find many more dynamic and bright unicorns to be our future colleagues”. With great human qualities and emotional intelligence, she is a person who possesses many qualities such as empathy, insight, honesty, integrity and resilience. Wendy is also a great traveller and is not afraid to travel to distant and unknown lands. Indeed, during her agency recruitment years, she was qualifying for various overseas incentive trips for targets exceeded such as Greece, Egypt, Thailand or Maldives. Definitely sunnier places than the Netherlands ….

Last but not least, Marieke Eringa is the new HR and Operations Lead. She will coordinate the team and make sure that everyone is well at Cloudmuscle. Her goal: “Let’s bring Cloudmuscle to a higher level!” A great adventurer at heart, she has already survived on a desert island. Nothing scares her anymore! Energetic and organised, she will impress you with her ability to learn by constantly looking for new examples.

Now that you know more about them and the Cloudmuscle team, don’t forget to connect with them!