September 29th, 2023



Ammega is a group company with several brands associated with their services. They specialize in industrial Conveying Solutions, Power Transmission Solutions and Fluid Power Solutions.

Pardot was already being used to serve some of their marketing initiatives when we got onboard. From a setup perspective, they had core functionalities, like Salesforce Pardot connector, in place. Their goal however, was scalability.

Having the basics didn’t serve the objective, and Cloudmuscle had a unique opportunity to jump in when it mattered most.

The project outline was simple. Improve on our existing processes and prepare the org for scale. Our focus was on 3 associated brands: Jason Industrial, Ammeraal Beltech and Megadyne. Each with their own identity and service offering.

What we did

Email Template Library

Although Pardot comes with a handy template toolkit, we custom coded their HTML emails according to the related brand. Now, they have access to several modular setups that’s editable and stable.


Preference Management

Pardot allllows for defaullt preference management wiith glloball opt–out processes.. Haviing three associiated,, but separate brands, meant that they needed brand specific opt-out mechanisms in place that managed their respective prospects effectively.

Along with robust automation rules to upsert statusses where applicable, we created responsive and functional pages that follows privacy policies and allows for more granular content management.



The ability to create granular audiences and manage specific object values was lacking, and Pardot having a seamless and powerful API to set up object based segmentation, added tremendous value. We started with vanity information sets and progressed into more robust definitions. We created new populations by leveraging and managing their Salesforce instance and relating that back into Pardot.


Forms and Landing pages

A vital part of our project focused heavily on creating their lead generating landing pages and related forms to handle incoming prospects. By leveraging the power of form handlers and layout templates, we improved their capabilities with custom scripting and processing. Naturally, no form is complete without a well defined rule setup to power these forms even more.

More to come!

A new project we’re working on is a custom Lead Capture Tool for employees to use during networking events. This is particularly exciting, since it involves elaborate form functionalities with the ability to create leads easier and scan documents that auto-fill prospect information. Watch this space!

Cloudmuscle Specialists for this project

Charl Van Zyl Salesforce Marketing Cloud Technical Consultant

Roland Knippenburg Senior Salesforce Consultant