September 29th, 2023



My journey with Salesforce began when I was first exposed to the technology at a college event. I was studying for my Bachelor of Computer Application and was instantly captivated by the power and potential of Salesforce, and the idea that I could use it to help businesses better engage with their customers.

I was introduced to Salesforce Marketing Cloud through a family friend who was a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Trainer. I was so intrigued by the platform, and more specifically, the use of Salesforce Marketing Cloud that I decided to invest my time and attention into learning more about it and kicked off my career.  Very soon, I realised that this tool was going to become a boomer, that I have since completed all certifications related to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, 13 certifications in total, and can now proudly call myself a specialist in this field.

First Impressions Count

My interaction and discussions with Cloudmuscle started early November 2022 and very soon thereafter, I became part of the team. I was relocated from my country, India, to the Netherlands and arrived in the Netherlands on the 10th of January 2023. From my first interaction with the Cloudmuscle team, my experience was certainly positive. Everyone was warm, friendly, welcoming, and eager to help me settle in. The relocation process was also surprisingly straightforward. I felt like I had been part of the team for much longer than I actually had been

Why I chose Cloudmuscle

The Cloudmuscle culture is one of openness, collaboration, and transparency. Everyone is encouraged to share ideas, feedback, and suggestions – which helps foster a culture of continuous improvement. Additionally, there is a great emphasis on learning and development, making Cloudmuscle the perfect environment to help me develop my skills further.

How I add value

I am now part of the Salesforce marketing team, and my role is to provide clients with the best advice and insights to help them reach their goals. I am an expert in the Salesforce platform and I am able to provide technical and strategic support throughout the entire process. I enjoy the challenge of developing creative solutions to meet the needs of our various clients and to help them achieve their objectives

All in all, my journey with Salesforce and Cloudmuscle has been a truly positive experience thus far and I look forward to continuing to work with the team and further developing my skills.