Sell faster and smarter. Crush Win-rates and closing numbers.

Access the right customer information exactly when you need it

With a single click, you can connect with your customers at a moment’s notice. Access detailed information about them and all this on one platform, Sales Cloud. You will always stay in the loop of who your prospects, leads, or customers are and what they care about. This way you can build meaningful relationships and win your customers’ hearts — Anytime, Anywhere.

Make team collaboration easier with Customer 360

Connect data from every department, including sales, service, marketing, and more. Break the data silos and pave the way to a 360 overview of your consumers.

Now Employees have access to real-time customer information to offer a better and personalized experience across all departments. Furthermore, they can also make better decisions, respond faster to customer needs, and spot new opportunities.

What are the benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Sales teams save time by the automation of manual tasks.

Boost productivity and keep track of performance with a single dashboard.

Accurately forecast and exceed company growth.

Gain customer insights and prioritize tasks, using AI.